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Without doubt it is one of the most picturesque natural retreats. Water is the main theme of this place; unforgettable waterfalls and crystal water ponds to enjoy a memorable day with your family and friends. All just a few minutes away from your new home.


This park located in Callosa offers a variety of activities including realistic reproductions on full scale of multiple dinosaurs, ranging from the famous Velociraptor to the impressive Brontosaurus. Certainly, a memorable visit for youngsters and adults.


Terra Mítica is a thematic park based in Benidorm since the 27th July 2000. The park recreates antient constructions of the world such as Greeks, Roman and Egyptian. It offers a wide variety of attractions such as Laberinto del Minotauro, la Furia del Tritón, Synkope, Titánide and much more.


At 23 minutes from Callosa de Ensarriá is located Benidorm, one of the most emblematic tourist places in Spain. Benidorm is visited by tourist from around the world and offers a wide variety of activities for everyone including the young and the elder, a place full of life all year long.


If you enjoy golf, you can play it in a variety of golf links build close to Callosa de Ensarriá. Due to the high demand it has been made available a wide range of options to choose from, so you can decide what kind of golf course fits you best.


For lovers of great nature walks, they are in luck, this place allows you to enjoy a pleasant climate all year round and an enviable natural environment, where the route options will allow you to enjoy countless alternatives to enjoy riding and marking yourself Personal challenges of adventure or enjoyment with your family.


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